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Tiffany Style Sweets (top left photo © Stacey Hedman photography) (bottom middle ©Chris Cook Photography)

Who doesn’t love cake, right? I can’t believe it been almost a year since I made the decision to close my cake business to pursue a bigger passion & love of mine. Many have asked why why why…… So I will tell you.

I have always been that friend or family member that brought the camera everywhere, spent any extra money I had on film or even those disposable cameras. I could never image not having a camera on me. Holidays & birthdays or pretty much any occasion possible I gave the gift of photos every chance I had. I couldn’t wait to get everything developed. I remember sitting outside those one hour places impatiently waiting to see if I had captured that perfect moment in time so I could share it with everyone who would look. To me there was and still is just nothing better than to be able to capture an amazing feeling or moment and share that.

Photo ©Stacy Headman Photography

OK back to the sweet situation of cake. Girl met boy, Girl & Boy fell in love, got married & had an amazing little baby boy. The out of nowhere girl got sucker punched with severe postpartum depression, ugh. After being hospitalized and going through an out patient therapy they informed me that I needed to find an outlet for myself that made me happy. Apparently I never got the memo that you should take care of yourself too even if you have a family. So anyways found myself in a craft store buying frames for all the photos I had been taking of that sweet baby boy I came across a cake decorating book, thought heck I’m a creative person I can do that. A close friend asked me to be godmother to her daughter and let me bake & decorate a cake for her Christening. Well it took off from there I LOVED it. Thus the name “krazy kakes” because if it weren’t for me going pretty much into hormonal “crazy town” (postpartum).  Cake was just that thing that made people smile….every time. Such a great feeling. Hey I can make people smile doing what I love. Oh goodness and people will pay me to do this? Heck sign me up! I am a self taught person by nature. bought the books, received some tough lessons in the world of business, joined forums where I met amazing friends I still keep in touch with till this day. Took a huge leap of faith entered competitions and had work published. Earned respect from some of the most talented cake designers around. As much as I loved the business & what I did, I promised myself that the day I felt like it was just a production line in my home kitchen and no longer a creative outlet I would need to rethink where I was headed.

“Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.”
― Criss Jami

I think the business of sugar art started teaching me about photography and I hadn’t even realized it. I had an OK camera for well the most important subject, my son. But I had to take photographs of my work so I could market the cakes. So I had to make everything look great in the best lighting, the details and shades of color used. People often would start comment who does the photography of your cakes. Hmmmm…. Slowly knowing so many people in the wedding business my interests swayed toward photographers and all the different styles and amazing moments captured. Many photographers welcomed my interest in their work and my questions on how to improve my own skills even one pretty cool talented photographer has taken me along to weddings (you know who you are & and can’t thank you enough…ahem Amanda from Shoreshotz ), And some were not so welcoming at all. But knowing the wedding industry or any creative profession I guess it was to be expected. I had just been through it with bakers, and learned the hard way to not dwell and to move on, no hard feelings at all. Many people handle business in different ways. I am loving this quote i recently saw… “a Candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”. So thank-you to those who helped light mine.

Well here I am….Now I am Lisa Elizabeth Images…..What a Krazy ride! I am pretty proud of myself if I must say so. So bear with me as I am that self taught photographer. I am watching lots of videos and saving up every penny for that film which is now really not film so much. But you get the point. I will learn everything I can, share every moment I can capture and hopefully god willing continue to make my clients smile every time. After all it’s that a love that won’t go away <3

P.S. This is my first ever blog! Eeeeeeek!

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