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Being a senior in the midst of everything that is going on in our world is a crazy concept to wrap my head around. Our parents, older siblings, and our friends all had the traditional senior events that every senior looks forward to for years; graduation and prom being the two biggest. Two of the many celebrations that we may not get to have. The class of 2020 was handed masks and the end of our senior year was taken away from us. This left all the seniors throughout Cape Cod and the rest of America in the dust about what celebrating the end of our 12 years of hard work and dedication would look like. Staying positive and keeping myself busy by starting a small business of making hanging rainbows every day has helped me keep my mind off of everything that I am missing out on if I were to be in school: senior breakfast, spirit week, senior trip, and counting down the last few seconds of my high school career in the Astro Park with my classmates. By making and selling my hanging rainbows, I was so grateful to raise $755 to donate to the Cape Cod Healthcare employee relief fund; it felt so good to give back to a group of individuals that keep us safe every day. We are all in this together, and front line workers deserve the world during this time. As much as we think that we are alone due to quarantine and social distancing, we are actually fighting this as one; you will never be alone in this world, you will always have someone to lean on and there are so many people right there with us, never forget that. Being a senior myself, I have felt very lonely from time to time during these past three months, and this photo symbolizes that loneliness in the perfect way. There are billions and billions of stars in the galaxy, just like there are so many individuals who are there for you and who love you. You might feel alone some times, but I am telling you now, that you will never be alone. If you are feeling down, reach out to your teachers, your family, and your friends, they will help you get through this, I promise you. If you are a parent of a senior or know a senior, let them know that you are there for them and that you love and care for them. It will make their day, trust me on that one. As we are hopefully nearing the end of quarantine, try and make the end of your senior year special. Go outside and take pictures (with Lisa, of course!), drive by your school, or sit in the parking lot at the beach and just think. Clearing your head of everything that is going on is good for your mind and your soul from time to time. This is your senior year, make the last few weeks of it count. Even though we are not all together at school, we are still together bonded by our strength. Our strength is what is bonding us during the moments of doubt and uncertainty. This is not the end, this is the beginning of something beautiful. Keep your head held high, live your dreams and reach for the stars. We are 2020 strong and nothing will bring us down, we WILL get through this, together.
Alexis Murphy, a Barnstable High school senior

Below is a link to the rainbows <3

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