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Senior Portraits

Thinking out of the box (beach grass)

It’s that time of year for the juniors in high school to start thinking about their senior portrait.This is by far one of my favorite times of the year! So lets talk about the senior portrait experience. In opening I want to say cape cod beach settings for senior portraits are gorgeous and beautiful, and are always offered with Lisa Elizabeth Images’ senior portrait packages.

Here’s where Lisa Elizabeth Images differs from most. I love thinking outside the beach grass! Ask yourself what else do you love besides the beach?

Art, music, cars or even your favorite sport.

Did you excel in anything during your years in high school?

What are your career goals.

Do you have a specific style that is different or sets you apart?

Answers to any of these questions and more can set you apart in your portrait style. Think texture, style, your surroundings. Sometimes the greatest photos are taken in the oddest places!


And as I said before the usual “beach grass” photos can be just as gorgeous and always included in your session


Try to book during the “golden hour” an hour prior to sunset for best lightingImage



When doing sessions at the beach it’s always pretty cool to get an all ocean water backdrop!


And you never know what you can create when the sun goes down


❤ It also doesn’t hurt to get a quick photo with mom or dad before finishing up! ❤Image

There are so many great seniors we have booked so far!

Including sessions at fire stations, incorporating sports such as field hockey & football! Can’t wait!!!!

To book your unique senior session and set yourself apart:

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